About CCMO

About CCMO
Cambridge Cancer Medicine Online is an e-learning programme developed to meet the changing training needs of oncology trainees in the UK.

The content is based on the specialist training curriculum of the Royal College of Radiologists but the programme will also benefit other cancer physicians in training, and allied professionals in oncology.


CCMO allows users to link their study with their clinical experience and to learn at their own pace. We provide:

  • Quality of content - all materials are written in an accessible reading style with succinct summaries and visual learning tools to aid the understanding of key concepts.
  • Flexibility - users can access modules in an order that suits their own training plan. Modules can be revisited at any time to consolidate and refresh learning.
  • Innovative tools - a variety of computer-based animation, simulation and assessment tools have been created to facilitate an interactive learning experience.
  • Assessment and feedback - users can test their learning on a variety of assessment tools with instant feedback on their performance.


Latest News

  • May: Metastatic Disease Case 1 (Miscellaneous)
  • April: Parotid Case 1 (Head & Neck)
  • March: Haematology Case 2 (Miscellaneous)
  • February: Occult Primary Case 1 (Head & Neck)
  • January: Principles of IMRT (Fundamentals)

To view a list of all the interactive sessions, go to Resources.