Clinical Workshop

This two-day meeting will compare and contrast pelvic IMRT across three tumour sites – cervix, anus and prostate (nodes). The aim of the workshop is to share learning across the three tumour sites.

Topics include:

  • Current status of IMRT for pelvic malignancies in the UK
  • Evidence for IMRT in cervix, anus and prostate (nodes)
  • Radiology quiz on normal and cancer-related CT and MRI pelvic anatomy
  • Comparison of contouring guidelines and IMRT planning constraints
  • Dose planning exercise
  • New initiatives (plan of the day, automated contour assessment)

Further information is included on the final programme.
Prior to the workshop, participants will be required to participate in an online contouring exercise using the Addenbrooke’s Contouring Tool. One case for each tumour site will be available. Participants will be able to review their contours 24 hours before the workshop and compare them with those of their peers and the faculty. They can also view their contours anonymously during the workshop. After the workshop, participants will be able to review their contours, and other course content, in their own time.
For physicists, there will be a dose planning exercise before the workshop (one case for each tumour site) for discussion during the meeting. 
The fee for registration is £325 per person (£390 including VAT). Places will be reserved on a first come, first served basis upon receipt of full payment. The fee includes a course dinner on Thursday 14 April 2016. CPD points will be available.
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Event Details

Intended participants
Oncologists, physicists, dosimetrists and radiographers with experience of pelvic IMRT.

Li Tee Tan, Cambridge

Peter Hoskin, Mount Vernon (Chair)
Charles Wilson, Cambridge (Chair)
Jacob Lindergaard, Aarhus
Rebecca Muirhead, Oxford
Luke Hughes-Davies, Cambridge
Sue Freeman, Cambridge
Sara Upponi, Cambridge
Simon Thomas, Cambridge
Richard Benson, Cambridge
Hannah Chantler, Cambridge
Nikki Twyman, Cambridge
Tony Geater, Cambridge
Sarah Prewett, Cambridge
Confirmed programme
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