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Mcq's were at right standard. Very helpful

It is the only e learning module for FRCR oncology prep

As a busy trainee new to clinical oncology I've found ccmo a great help

The interactive module and question bank are a much needed resource for clinical oncology trainees. Hopefully it will evolve into a more comprehensive educational site.

Now that Med Oncs have an exit exam, there is scope to expand to meet this resource as there is currently nothing for us in terms of a question bank. Many of the questions were too radiotherapy related, but overall I found the resource very useful.

CCMO is a fantastic tool - not only is it helping to guide my FRCR Part 2 revision but the fundamentals module is providing me with a set of skills that is helping me understand core concepts with Clinical Oncology - I just wish I had done it earlier in my training!

Useful source for both exam preparation and private revision/study

Excellent website- looking forward to using it during my exam prep

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